Imagine That


The Anglican Foundation has been working for over a year to publish a commemorative book for its 60th anniversary in 2017. Over 700 letters were sent to past grant and bursary recipients across the country to invite submissions telling the impact of receiving a Foundation grant. We received many submissions, describing building and ministry projects from the 1970s to present, located from coast to coast to coast.

We’re proud to announce the result. Imagine That: Dreams, Hopes, and Realities—Celebrating 60 Years of the Anglican Foundation of Canada. Over 100 recipients tell the transforming power of receiving an AFC grant. Each story starts with a dream, with a hope for new opportunities, and with the challenging realities that Anglicans face across the country in their ministry efforts. Then, through the generosity of donors, an Anglican Foundation grant enabled these recipients to imagine more and more and more!

Available now in paperback, over 200 pages, with colour photographs. $20 each.