Complimentary merchandise available for order

Bookmarks (in pink or purple)
Posters (10.5” x 14” – for display on bulletin boards)
Tattoos (fun, temporary tattoos of the AFC maple leaf)
Pocket-sized card (with AFC contact information)
Purple silicone wristbands (with AFC logo – orders over 250 are $1.00 each)

Paper placemats (16.5” x 10.5” – orders over 500 are 20¢ each)

Coin boxes (for Kids Helping Kids Fund)

Complimentary print informational material

Foundation Update (a bi-monthly newsletter featuring current AFC stories)

Info Booklet (a short informative booklet about AFC, its history and purpose)
Info Brochure (with donor card)
Youth Resource (for teens)
Leaving a Legacy (planned giving)
Shaping the church for a new generation (planned giving)
How to Donate (general information)
Donation dollars (heart tree)
In lieu of flowers (giving in memory of a loved one)
Where do I give my donation dollars? (lamp)
Bursaries for Theological Education (information for theological students)
Inspire a Musician (A.E.J. Fulford Trust for church music)
Scholarship of St. Basil the Great (ecumenical exchange program)
Bursaries for Pastoral Care and Preaching (Lewis S. Garnsworthy Memorial Trust for preaching and pastoral care)
Indigenous Grants (Catholic Apostolic Universal Church Trust Fund for Indigenous programs in Canada)

Hope Bear and Kids Helping Kids informational materials for order

Hope Bear promotional cards (8.5” x 3.5”)

Hope Bear Order Form

Kids Helping Kids Fund promotional cards (8.5” x 3.5”)

This is what hope looks like (Kids Helping Kids Fund)
Toonie Members (youth collect toonies for Kids Helping Kids projects)
Hope Air Partnership (free air flights for people in need of medical care far from home)
Hope Air Boarding Pass (free air flights for people in need of medical care far from home)

Order form for complimentary AFC promotional and informational materials

To order any of the above materials, please email Sharon Sorenson or call 416-924-9199 ext. 244.