Anglican Foundation
2021 Fall Appeal

Dr. Scott Brubacher, Executive Director, AFC

See The Difference You Can Make!

When I joined AFC in 2016—at the mid-point of a 10-year strategic planning effort—change was in the air. With exemplary leadership from the Board of Directors and staff, the grants program was on a quest to imagine more and make ministry happen through change-oriented investments. AFC was funding for impact in youth leadership, interfaith initiatives, the Calls to Action of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, innovative ministry projects, climate care, and more.

In the last 10 years, more than $6 million has been granted to some of the most innovative ministries the Canadian church has seen. And behind every one of those grants was a generous gift, from a loyal supporter like you, who believes in the role that AFC can play as a catalyst, both locally and nationally, for new ministry and growth.

During my time as Executive Administrator, I worked closely with more than 200 grant applicants and over 250 bursary recipients to achieve their project vision and to meet their financial needs. Now, as Executive Director, I understand the stories of the people and communities who are looking to AFC to stand behind their efforts to grow a better, more welcoming, and more compassionate church.

Your gift today will make a difference to so many people tomorrow. Together, we can realize that promise for hundreds more in the years to come!

Behind Every Grant is a Generous Gift

See the difference the last 10 years have made!

Over the past 10 years, your generosity has enabled AFC to provide more than $6 million in grants to Canadian Anglicans.

Diverse Infrastructure

Prioritizing accessibility, safety, comfort, & environmental sustainability

AFC continues to invest in both old and new church infrastructure and to make a greener, more sustainable church a reality. Infrastructure grants have restored crumbling foundations, reduced carbon footprints, kept congregations warm and dry, and improved the many places and spaces where Canadian Anglicans gather to worship and mobilize for community-based ministry. Grants have been given in support of:

  • Community infrastructure: kitchens, washrooms, and halls
  • Accessibility projects: lifts, ramps, and entryways
  • Green church initiatives: sustainable energy, lighting, and landscaping
  • Exterior renovations: roofs, doors, and windows
  • Improvements to core systems: water, heat, and electricity
  • Structural repairs and historic restorations
St. Mary with St. Mark, Mayo
Diocese of Yukon
St. Matthew's, Etobicoke
Diocese of Toronto
St. Alban’s, Kenora
Diocese of Rupert’s Land
St. Luke’s Church &
Community Centre, Oakville
Diocese of Niagara
St. Alban’s, Ashcroft
Territory of the People
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Leadership and Education
$1.7 Million

Nurturing the professional & spiritual development of future church leaders

Through bursaries and grants, AFC is committed to alleviating the financial burden of students and theological colleges, investing in excellence in preaching and worship, supporting challenging and inspiring conferences, and resourcing church leaders, lay and ordained, for 21st-century mission and ministry. Grants and bursaries have been given in support of: 

  • Theological students
  • Theological colleges
  • Investments in new technologies for 21st-century mission
  • Sponsorship of national and diocesan conferences
  • Promotion of excellence in preaching and pastoral care
  • Leadership training and spiritual renewal for clergy and laity
  • Innovations in curriculum development and delivery
Wycliffe College Preaching Day
Diocese of Toronto
John Holgate
Saint Paul University
from Diocese of Ottawa
Amber Tremblett
Wycliffe College
from Diocese of Eastern Newfoundland & Labrador
Yohan Dumpala
Trinity College
from Diocese of Toronto
Sheila Cook
Vancouver School of Theology
from Diocese of British Columbia
Alex Griffin
Montreal Diocesan Theological College
from Diocese of Montreal
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Community Ministries
$1.5 Million

Contributing to the greater good

Churches have deep roots, and many have well-equipped facilities in the heart of communities, which can function as accessible hubs for a variety of activities. With your continued financial support, local churches can be catalysts for, and facilitators of, community-building efforts that benefit a variety of vulnerable populations. Grants have been given in support of:

  • Food security programs
  • Newcomers to Canada
  • Recreation and enrichment for young people
  • Racial justice and anti-poverty initiatives
  • Parenting and life-skills programs
  • Community inclusivity and interfaith initiatives
  • Housing, addiction, and mental health programs
Newcomer children to Canada
at Quebec Lodge
Diocese of Quebec
St. Alban’s, Beamsville
Bikes for Migrant Farm Workers
Diocese of Niagara
Flemingdon Park
food security outreach
Diocese of Toronto
Cornerstone Housing for Women
Diocese of Ottawa
Garden to table program
St. Dunstan’s, Aldergrove
Diocese of New Westminster
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Indigenous Ministries

Responding to emerging needs & advancing reconciliation efforts.

At AFC, we honour and respect Indigenous ways of being and learning and are committed to the process of healing and reconciliation. With the continued generosity of Canadian Anglicans, AFC will expand its funding for these important initiatives in communities across Canada and grow the church’s capacity for inclusivity, both locally and nationally. Grants have been given in support of:

  • Healing and reconciliation initiatives
  • Language revitalization and translations
  • Urban Indigenous ministry projects
  • Bursaries and leadership development
  • Cultural gatherings and traditional teaching
Smudging at the Spirit Garden
CLAY 2019
Henry Budd College for Ministry
The Pas
Diocese of Brandon
Walking toward reconciliation
Parish of St. George, Langley
Diocese of New Westminster
Mistisini graduates
Moosonee School for Ministry
Diocese of Moosonee
Reconciliation project,
“Moving Forward,
We are All in This Together,”
Inner City Pastoral Ministry
Diocese of Edmonton
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Sacred Music &
Liturgical Arts

Supporting traditional & innovative forms of worship

AFC invests in both traditional and innovative liturgical arts projects from coast to coast to coast. Grants reflect a commitment to the church’s rich traditions and a deep desire to support a new generation of Canadian Anglicans as they seek to express themselves through music, drama, dance, and other artistic forms. Grants have been given in support of:

  • Choir schools and bursaries for youth choristers
  • Organ study
  • Liturgical dance and drama initiatives
  • Arts-focused liturgy and ministry projects
  • Music festivals and visual arts installations
  • Textile arts for use in liturgical settings
Luca Simpson-Hall
organ student
Diocese of Ottawa
Toronto Diocesan Choir School for Girls
Diocese of Toronto
Capella Regalis Men & Boys Choir
Diocese of Nova Scotia & PEI
St. James Cathedral
Sacred Stitches Exhibition
Diocese of Toronto
St. Thomas’ Choral Academy, Bellville
Diocese of Ontario
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Thank You

Your gift is valued

At AFC we value the trust donors place in us. We encourage you to review our 2020 Annual Report and to download a copy of our 2021 Donor Impact Report so that you can learn more about the extraordinary work of our grant recipients.

We invite you to continue to partner with AFC in strengthening our church and making a lasting difference in people’s lives.

In 2022, let us imagine more…together!