February 2022

Here we are Lord: Use us!

“Five or six years ago I felt nervous attempting to partner with schools too. Reaching young people is challenging due to the decline in trust of the church universal and fears about what might be taught. My advice: Trust that God will and does show us the way.”

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This grant has legs!

“We are so grateful to the foundation for this grant and helping us to do more to reach out to young people who are not already connected to our parish. The wagon ride was so much fun. We had hot chocolate and cookies and a much-needed chance to visit after a long winter of isolation.”

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Grant to benefit students

“In my sermons I have honed-in on the message that we’re sowing seeds, and we don’t know where God wants them to land.” Faithful champions for the program have emerged: “Many parishioners volunteer, and many more share in that sense of pride that comes from seeing the kind of outreach we are doing.”

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