Boyce Legacy Endures

Generous Legacy Continues to Fuel Research & Innovation

According to the Rev. Canon Dr. Grayhame Bowcott, Doctor of Ministry (D.Min.) training is making a big difference for leaders in the church today. “The D.Min. is a rare program where clergy can work full-time and do meaningful research that really benefits their local context. It’s challenging—you’re building the plane while flying in it—but it’s also deeply rewarding.”

Rev. Canon Dr. Grayhame Bowcott

Bowcott serves as a parish priest in the Diocese of Huron and as Program Director for Huron University College’s Licentiate in Theology Program. He was awarded Anglican Foundation of Canada (AFC) bursaries in 2017 and 2018 for D.Min. training, which enabled him to channel his passion for enabling vocational leadership and increasing access to theological education for clergy in remote areas. “In my case the D.Min. was the perfect degree for me to do the research that helped me put the Licentiate program together.” Bowcott, who regularly encourages priests to pursue a D.Min. when he senses a good fit, emphasizes the importance of financial support. “When I nudge potential candidates, I encourage them to reach out to AFC. It’s important for them to know this degree doesn’t need to break them financially.”

In 2013, the AFC Board agreed to expand bursary awards to include funding for D.Min. training. Since then, a total of $115,000 has been awarded, with $85,500 of that derived from the Audrey Jacqueline Boyce Fund. Boyce, who passed away on July 26, 2013, provided a sum in her will to be “held upon trust to assist students in advanced theological study.”

Bowcott points to the exemplary field of leaders across the Canadian church who have benefited from an AFC bursary in the pursuit of their doctoral level training. “Mrs. Boyce’s investment is paying great dividends. I don’t know of anyone who has done the program who hasn’t come out of it with new insights and been better equipped to do the ministry they are already doing.”

“If you follow the pathway,” says Bowcott, “you see how Ms. Boyce’s legacy is supporting leaders in the church who are in turn leaving a legacy.”

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