Canadian Military Hope Bear

NEW THIS SUMMER – Canadian Military Hope Bear in fatigues.

Every day, thousands of members of the Canadian Forces safeguard our peace and security on the home front. They patrol Canada’s coast and monitor its skies, lead search & rescue missions, assist in disaster relief and protect Canada’s sovereignty.

Anglican Bishop, Peter Coffin and Anglican chaplains serve Canadian Forces personnel and their families every day. They are supported through the Anglican Bishop Ordinary Trust Fund.

The Anglican Foundation of Canada invites all Canadians to remember those who serve our country by donating $30 for a Canadian Military Hope Bear who comes dressed in fatigues and who carries with him the following prayer –

Eternal God, strengthen and protect the men and women of our Canadian Forces in every peril of sea, land and air. Shelter them in the day of battle and encourage them in peace-time. Give them courage and loyalty, that in all things they may serve the good, the noble and the just. Amen.

Call the AFC office today for your very own Military Hope Bear. (416) 924-9199 ext 244