AFC has posted a number of testimonials from grant and bursary recipients, board directors, diocesan representative, bishops, and representatives of theological colleges from all across the country. Each of these submissions tell a different story of how the Anglican Foundation’s generosity made an impact on their ministry setting and personal lives, and why these individuals choose to support the Foundation financially, so that others may benefit as they did.

N. Anne Patterson

N. Anne Patterson

The Diocese of Ontario is grateful to the Foundation for assisting many parishes in infrastructure repairs, accessibility, kids after school programs, children’s camping experiences, and the formation of children’s choirs.

The Rev. Brian Pearson

The Rev. Brian Pearson

Having received a grant and loan from AFC, it seems only right that we should support it for the sake of other churches with dreams of their own.

Bruce Stavert

The Most Rev. Bruce Stavert

Little did I know as a young ordinand how important AFC would be in my ministry as a parish priest, a campus chaplain, and in 18 years as a diocesan bishop.

Lydia Mamakwa

The Rt. Rev. Lydia Mamakwa

At the creation of Mishamikoweesh, the Anglican Foundation gave funds to the newly-created diocese to bring in several elders from different communities to witness the ceremonies.

Rob Hardwick

The Rt. Rev. Rob Hardwick

Above all, we thank the Anglican Foundation for their continued commitment to bring unity, healing, and reconciliation to all peoples and for the amazing work they do for our beloved Church.

James Cowan

The Rt. Rev. James Cowan

As Bishop of British Columbia, I saw the benefit received by parishes and institutions of the diocese as a result of the generosity of the Anglican Foundation.

Andrew Hutchison

The Most. Rev. Andrew Hutchison

Because of the continued good work of the Anglican Foundation, supporting ministry all across the country, I am proud to be an annual donor.