Central NL Says Yes!

The Diocese of Central Newfoundland Supports Say Yes! to Kids

The Anglican Foundation of Canada’s (AFC) Say Yes! to Kids campaign received a $5,000 donation from the Diocese of Central Newfoundland, helping AFC’s national campaign edge that much closer to its goal. More than $78,000 of the $100,000 target has been raised to date.

“We like the idea of being a generative diocese and sharing in the ministry of the wider church,” says The Rt. Rev. John Watton, Bishop of Central Newfoundland. “Whenever we can help, we want to. We cannot hold our Youth Camp this summer because of COVID-19, so we have decided to forward those funds to Say Yes! to Kids.”

Bishop Watton admits that the pandemic’s impact on youth in the Diocese has been frustrating, “I have had to cancel confirmations and that’s been tough. We cannot open our buildings, and we’re searching for new ways to support ministries. For us, the Say Yes! to Kids campaign is one way to be encouraging and do something positive.”

The Rt. Rev. John Watton (right) and the Ven. Terry Caines (left) having some fun during a 10-hour airport delay in June 2018.

“We all believe in the campaign and want to see it succeed,” says The Rev. Terry Caines, Executive Archdeacon and AFC’s Diocesan Representative for Central Newfoundland. “While it’s disheartening to see our summer camp closed for a second consecutive year, it’s wonderful to see the Diocese of Central Newfoundland joining forces with AFC to support post-pandemic recovery programs for young people.”

“This tremendous support from the Diocese of Central Newfoundland gives us so much energy for the final weeks of the campaign,” says The Rev. Canon Dr. Judy Rois, Executive Director, AFC. “I am deeply moved by how this effort has inspired Canadian Anglicans—both in giving generously and thinking creatively. More and more people are talking about how churches can be safe, positive places for young people to reconnect, build social skills, and recover from learning loss related to the pandemic.”

Since 2011, and the launch of the Kids Helping Kids Fund, the AFC has championed children, youth, and young adults in Canada with investments totaling over $1,087,000. “From hospice care to homework clubs to breakfast programs and summer camps,” says Canon Rois, “we have seen how resources can be used through people and partnerships to make a lasting difference in the lives of children and youth.”

Rois says the AFC will rely on the strength of its granting program to quickly turn around campaign proceeds by funding a Request for Proposals (RFP) for youth-focused initiatives in September. “AFC will put the right investments in the right hands and help to fund a meaningful response to the needs of children and youth in a post-pandemic world.”

To join a Say Yes! to Kids fundraising team, or to make an individual donation to the campaign, visit www.anglicanfoundation.org/kids.