Say Yes! to Kids

Communications Hub to Facilitate Youth Ministry Knowledge Sharing

The Anglican Foundation of Canada (AFC) has launched a Say Yes! to Kids (SYTK) communications hub to facilitate the sharing of knowledge about the variety of SYTK programs across Canada that are helping to grow a brighter future for young people.

“Since it was launched in 2021, SYTK has provided over $625,000 to more than 100 unique beneficiaries and fundraising partners in support of youth-focused ministry and outreach from coast to coast to coast,” says Dr. Scott Brubacher, Executive Director. “We hope all Canadian Anglicans will visit the hub so they can learn more about the work of our SYTK partners and possibly be inspired to develop similar community-based programs.”

“An increasing number of Canadian churches are proving to be both community-minded and entrepreneurial,” says Michelle Hauser, Development & Communications Officer for AFC. “Almost daily we see grant reports that impress and amaze us. This knowledge and experience can and should be transferrable. We believe centralizing these ministry profiles and good news stories will be hugely beneficial to those who want to develop a local project but might not know where to begin.”

Hauser explains that the hub is currently divided into the following categories:

  • Community Building
  • Indigenous Ministries
  • Arts Enrichment
  • Faith Formation
  • Outdoor Recreation
  • Alleviating Hunger & Poverty
  • Mental Health & Well-Being

“As grant reports continue to arrive, we will keep adding ministry profiles to the hub, and expand the categories if needed. Wherever possible we will link to the church’s own website or other media so that people who want to network with other innovative Anglicans won’t have trouble finding them.”

Hauser says that AFC’s goal, once all SYTK grant recipients have reported, is to have “an incredible online catalogue of youth-focused programs from across the country. At the very least we will have one very hopeful place to direct those who are wondering Where are the children and youth in the church today?

Brubacher says that he hopes AFC’s focus on knowledge sharing will “grow our capacity to imagine more, both individually in our own locations, and collectively, across the Canadian church.”

Link to the SYTK Communications Hub here: