Staffing News

Meet the AFC Team

Staffing changes during the pandemic have brought both new and familiar faces to your Anglican Foundation of Canada (AFC) team. Here is quick glimpse of the people working behind the scenes to support our grant applicants, donors, and volunteers.

Jay Pak, Grants & Office Coordinator

In March 2021 the Executive Director and Board of Anglican Foundation of Canada were pleased to welcome Jay Pak to the position of Grants and Office Coordinator. A holistic nutritionist by training, Jay was introduced to AFC while on a short-term contract working with the Primate’s World Relief and Development Fund.

“Like many people who work in the not-for-profit sector,” says Jay, “I have a passion for helping others and was looking for a position that aligned with my values.” Having administered the Spring 2022 grant cycle, where more than $250,000 was awarded to 30 applicants, Jay quickly discovered one of the great joys of her role at AFC, which is to notify grant recipients of their awards. “Giving money out is exciting. It feels good. Plus, I really appreciate the supportive culture of the AFC team.”

Michelle Hauser, Communications & Development Officer

After serving on the AFC Board in 2020, and then as Communications and Development Consultant since January 2021, Michelle Hauser officially joined the AFC team as the Communications and Development Officer at the beginning of August 2022.

“My personal and professional journey through the pandemic has been marked by an ever-deepening commitment to the AFC family,” says Hauser. “Every day I see the generosity of our donor community enabling the work of visionary grant applicants, in spite of the challenges we face. I cannot help but to feel hopeful about the future of the Canadian church.”

Emily Wall, Administrative Assistant

You may remember this familiar face from years ago, when Emily Wall first joined the AFC team as Project Manager in 2013. After spending a few years overseas, Emily resettled in Montreal and was very happy to come back to the AFC team in fall 2020 as the Administrative Assistant. When Emily is not corresponding with AFC donors from coast to coast to coast, she has an active career as a choral singer in Montreal and Quebec.

If you have any questions about AFC’s grants or other programs, or to reach out to a member of the AFC team, visit