Tell Us Your Stories

In 2017 the Anglican Foundation of Canada will celebrate 60 years of generous funding to innovative ministry-related projects that have benefited thousands of individuals, parishes, and faith communities. In order to mark this special event, the Foundation will be publishing a commemorative book of stories about the Foundation’s history and impact.

We are calling for stories from every province in Canada and from each decade in our history to give us a snapshot of how the Foundation has helped your faith community. We are especially interested in hearing from past recipients of a grant or bursary.

Submission Deadline: April 1, 2016

  • Submit stories of 250–500 words with accompanying photographs.
  • Describe the program, project, or area of study for which you received funding.
  • How did the Foundation help?
  • What was the impact or outcome?

For more information about the 60th Anniversary book and other exciting initiatives, click here.
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