The Most. Rev. Andrew Hutchison

Retired Archbishop of Montreal
Former Metropolitan of the Ecclesiastical Province of Canada
Twelfth Primate of the Anglican Church of Canada
Nanaimo, British Columbia

For seven years I was Bishop Ordinary to the Canadian Forces, while at the same time serving as a Diocesan Bishop, as my predecessors had done. As Primate (2004–2007) I discovered that the Foundation managed a number of trust funds for designated ministries. From funds raised at a Primate’s Dinner I donated $50,000 to support the ministry of the Bishop Ordinary. Thanks to generous support from other donors, the fund has enabled the Chaplaincy to elect their own bishop to serve Anglicans in the Forces without having diocesan responsibilities as well. Because of the continued good work of the Anglican Foundation, supporting ministry all across the country, I am proud to be an annual donor.