The Anglican Foundation of Canada was established in 1957 to encourage and support ministry within the Anglican Church of Canada.

Leading the way in resourceful ministry for over 60 years, AFC has benefited dioceses, hundreds of parishes, and thousands of Canadian Anglicans with the provision of financial support for ministry from coast to coast to coast.

AFC invites individuals, parishes, and church organizations to make an annual contribution so that it can respond generously to applicants who are engaged in ministry to serve the Canadian Church. The Foundation’s ability to support ministry is also funded by bequests, memorials and special gifts, donor-designated trusts, life insurance, and investment income.

The work of the Foundation is made possible through the devotion, generosity, and collective goodwill of hundreds of donors who sustain the Foundation in the ministry of generosity to the Canadian Church. Donors to the Foundation have helped make possible church construction and renovation, theological education, programs in Canada’s North, community outreach, and many other vital ministries. All of these initiatives were made possible by generous individual and institutional donors who were inspired to support the people, ideas, and innovations that change lives.