Diocesan Partners & Representatives

The Anglican Foundation works in partnership with dioceses across the country to raise funds, increase awareness of the work of the Foundation, and provide grants and loans for ministry initiatives. Diocesan Councils and Bishops are responsible for reviewing and approving applications for funding and identifying where the greatest need exists.

Dioceses also encourage parishes to become donors in order to have access to grants. Many dioceses finance the annual contribution of each parish within their diocese for this purpose, and to ensure that the Anglican Foundation receives a steady flow of support.

As part of its partnership with the Foundation, each diocese is invited to select a Diocesan Representative to promote and support the work of the Foundation. The roles of the Diocesan Representative are to:

  • Share the stories of the Foundation within the diocese to increase awareness and financial support.
  • Act as a liaison with Foundation staff when needed concerning grant applications from within the diocese.
  • Represent the diocese as a voting member at the Foundation’s AGM where possible.

The Diocesan Representative is appointed by the Bishop, with the approval of Diocesan Council, and renewed annually. Candidates for the position should be familiar with and committed to the work of the Foundation, and they should be an annual donor to the Foundation.

Those interested in contributing to the work of the Foundation as a Diocesan Representative are encouraged to contact their Bishop.

Current Diocesan Representatives

Algoma — The Ven. Marie Loewen
Arctic — The Rev. Francis Delaplain
Brandon — The Rev. Cheryl Kukurudz
British Columbia — Diane Hutchison
Caledonia — Elizabeth Hunt
Calgary — The Ven. Pilar Gateman
Central Newfoundland — The Ven. Terry Caines
Eastern Newfoundland and Labrador — The Ven. Sam Rose
Edmonton — The Rev. John Gee
Fredericton — Clyde Spinney
Huron — Diane Dance
Mishamikoweesh, Indigenous Spiritual Ministry of
Montreal — Wendy McCullough
Moosonee — The Rev. Patricia Dorland
New Westminster — Glen Mitchell
Niagara — Gillian Doucet Campbell
Nova Scotia & Prince Edward Island — Cynthia Pilichos
Ottawa — Heidi Fawcett
Qu’Appelle — The Rev. Ed Dunfield
Quebec — Canon Stephen Kohner
Rupert’s Land — Canon Gary Russell
Saskatchewan — Kathryn Hawkins
Territory of the People
Toronto — Louise Yearwood
Western Newfoundland — The Rev. Canon Paulette Bugden
Yukon — The Rev. Glen Gough