2021 Year in Review

We Say Love

We Say Joy and Peace

We Say Imagine More

We Say Hope

We Say Yes

We Say Thank You

The Very Rev. Peter Wall, AFC Gift Consultant

The Most Rev. Fred Hiltz

The Most Rev. Anne Germond – Diocese of Algoma

The Rt. Rev. Susan Bell – Diocese of Niagara

The Most Rev. Melissa Skelton – Diocese of New Westminster

Will Postma – PWRDF

Quebec Lodge – day camp for Syrian refugees

Sheilagh McGlynn – General Synod

Human Trafficking

The Bishops – Diocese of Rupert’s Land

Mark MacDonald & Ginny Doctor – General Synod

Doug Noiles – Diocese of Ontario

The Rev. Jonathan Rowe – Diocese of Eastern Newfoundland & Labrador

The Rev. Vincent Solomon – Diocese of Rupert’s Land

Migrant Farm Work Project – Diocese of Niagara

Bob Wright – Diocese of Ontario

The Rev. Andrew Rampton – Diocese of Rupert’s Land

Afra Saskia Tucker – Diocese of Montreal

60th Anniversary Video

AFC Imagine Video

AFC Legacy Video