We Say Hope

We Say Yes

We Say Thank You

The Very Rev. Peter Wall, AFC Gift Consultant

The Most Rev. Fred Hiltz

The Most Rev. Anne Germond – Diocese of Algoma

The Rt. Rev. Susan Bell – Diocese of Niagara

The Most Rev. Melissa Skelton – Diocese of New Westminster

Will Postma – PWRDF

Quebec Lodge – day camp for Syrian refugees

Sheilagh McGlynn – General Synod

Human Trafficking

The Bishops – Diocese of Rupert’s Land

Mark MacDonald & Ginny Doctor – General Synod

Doug Noiles – Diocese of Ontario

The Rev. Jonathan Rowe – Diocese of Eastern Newfoundland & Labrador

The Rev. Vincent Solomon – Diocese of Rupert’s Land

Migrant Farm Work Project – Diocese of Niagara

Bob Wright – Diocese of Ontario

The Rev. Andrew Rampton – Diocese of Rupert’s Land

Afra Saskia Tucker – Diocese of Montreal

60th Anniversary Video

AFC Imagine Video

AFC Legacy Video