Say Yes! to Kids 2022: Application Form​

Welcome to the Anglican Foundation of Canada’s (AFC) Say Yes! to Kids 2022 Application Form. Please note that this form cannot be saved for future work. Please have your documents ready before completing the application form.

Say Yes! to Kids 2022: Application Form
Section 1 – Identity of Applicant
Postal Code
Section 2 – Program Goals & Financial Information

Briefly describe the parish or charitable organization, your local context, your goals for serving youth in your community and any other details you feel will help us assist you in strengthening your case for support. Submit this as an attachment.

Maximum file size: 8MB

Which statement best describes your goal for participating in Say Yes! to Kids 2022?
Describe the program. Please answer the following questions in order. Submit this on a separate attachment.

  • What do you do/want to do, and why?
  • Who does your project/program benefit? How do you measure your outcomes and impact?
  • What is the project/program timeline?
    • If an annual program, provide highlights or what a typical calendar year/season might look like.
    • If a time-limited project, include the expected start date, project execution date(s), and completion date.
  • Who else is involved? Who are your key stakeholders and partners?
  • Describe how your project/program meets a need that is currently not being met through other local non-profit organizations.

Maximum file size: 8MB

Provide a sample budget that supports your fundraising goal. Submit this as an attachment below.

  • Show a list of projected expenses.
  • Identify any existing sources of support you have for these ministries. (This will also help with your team’s case for support).

Upload your project budget *

Maximum file size: 8MB

Provide complete financial statements for the applicant.

Upload your financial statements :

Maximum file size: 8MB

Section 3 – Authorization

Required by two signing officers from the parish.

We certify that the appropriate authority has approved the submission of this application.