Apply as an individual

Individuals are invited to apply to the Anglican Foundation of Canada for grants and bursaries, benefiting the Anglican Church of Canada, under the following categories:

Bursary for Theological Education

  • General theological training for ordained or lay ministry
  • Advanced theological study at the post-graduate level
  • Doctor of Ministry training for clergy

Grant for Organ Study

  • To encourage and enrich sacred music through tuition and training of choir leaders and organists

Grant for Sacred Arts

  • To encourage the creation and study of innovative worship and drama, liturgical dance, performing arts, music, and visual arts that enrich liturgy and worship

Bursary for Preaching & Pastoral Care

  • To fund courses, seminars, and workshops in pastoral care and preaching for clergy in the Diocese of Toronto. (As stipulated by the Lewis S. Garnsworthy Memorial Trust.)

Ecumenical Exchange

  • To facilitate exchanges between members of the Anglican Church of Canada, the Oriental Orthodox Churches, and the Assyrian Church of the East.

Grant/Bursary Application Checklist​