Grant Season Gratitude

Thank-you messages pour in as Indigenous Ministries emerges as top funding impact zone

The Anglican Foundation of Canada (AFC) office has been inundated with messages of gratitude as 49 applicants were notified last week of a total of $369,000 in funding resulting from the Fall 2022 cycle of grant awards.

Bishop Isaiah Larry Beardy, Indigenous Suffragan Bishop for the Northern Manitoba Area Mission, thanked the AFC Board and Donors for an $8,500 grant in support of the Starlink Community Hubs project which will unite three Indigenous communities across Northern Manitoba. “Communication is of utmost importance for our area. In our communities we know to look for smoke signals, they tell you when somebody is around at a distance.” Beardy says the new satellite technology will work similarly. “Even though the signal cannot be seen it is there and this grant will help our communities to use it and to come together from across great distances and network and help one another.”

The Starlink project was one of 15 successful applicants in this year’s Request for Proposals (RFP) for Indigenous Ministries, which was funded through a generous bequest to AFC. The success of the RFP helped Indigenous Ministries to emerge as the top funding impact zone in this grant cycle, with a total of $172,000 awarded to 18 projects.

“We are delighted to hear that the Foundation is able to continue supporting the Revitalizing Indigenous Living Languages project!” wrote Sarah Kell on behalf of Aboriginal Neighbours and the First Peoples’ Cultural Council in the Diocese of British Columbia who received a $10,000 grant. “Your steadfast support since 2015 has meant a great deal to many Indigenous language learners. One of the language apprentices we are supporting this year has learned so much from her mentorship work with her aunt, that she will become a mentor herself next year!”

Among the more innovative projects to receive a grant was St. George’s Anglican Church in Ste-Anne-de-Bellevue in the Diocese of Montreal. A grant for $7,000 will enhance land use for sustainability and support a community partnership in environmental sustainability and food security. “This grant will be a great help for maturing our urban farming experience at St. George church,” writes Mohammed Al-Duais, Co-Founder and CEO, Permaculture Ste-Anne-de-Bellevue. “And it will ensure more productive land and more support to the church food bank and other local food and gardening initiatives.”

The full list of grant recipients from AFC’s Fall 2022 grant cycle is as follows:

Indigenous Ministries (Regular Grants)

  • Aboriginal Neighbours, Victoria (British Columbia), Revitalization of Indigenous Living Languages: $10,000
  • St. Paul’s Anglican Church – Mississippi Mills, Almonte (Ottawa), Seven Grandfather Teachings Art Installation: $15,000
  • Toronto Urban Native Ministry, Toronto (Toronto), Lay Pastoral Social Worker: $15,000

Indigenous Ministries (Request for Proposals)

  • St. James’ Anglican Church, Gravenhurst (Algoma), Bringing the Heartbeat and Ceremony Alive: $5,000
  • Diocese of the Arctic, Yellowknife (Arctic), Preserving Oral History as Inspiration for the Future: $7,000
  • Diocese of Brandon – Anglican Memorial Camp, Brandon (Brandon), Reconciliation and Suicide-Prevention Weekend for Youth: $9,850
  • St. Columba Anglican United Church, Port Hardy (British Columbia), Everyday Sanctuary and Sunday Meal: $5,000
  • Diocese of Islands and Inlets, Victoria (British Columbia), Ministry of Healing and Repentance for St. Michael’s Residential School: $12,000
  • Diocese of Calgary (Calgary), Blackfoot Translation Project: $7,100
  • Ecclesiastical Province of Rupert’s Land, Saskatoon, Starlink Community Hubs for Northern Manitoba Area Mission: $8,500
  • Indigenous Spiritual Ministry of Mishamikoweesh, Kingfisher Lake (Mishamikoweesh), Oji-Cree Bible Translation – The Gospel of St. John: $15,000
  • Diocese of Moosonee, Cochrane (Moosonee), Educational Gathering: $15,000
  • Vancouver School of Theology, Vancouver (New Westminster), Adult & Youth Events for Indigenous Communities: $15,000
  • St. Matthew’s House, Hamilton (Niagara), Neighbours Together: Housing supports for Indigenous Seniors: $15,000
  • St. Margaret’s Anglican Church, Ottawa (Ottawa), Inuit Congregation Sunday Community Meal: $5,000
  • Diocese of Rupert’s Land, Winnipeg (Rupert’s Land), “Civilized” Play in Rupert’s Land : $2,500
  • Diocese of Saskatchewan, Prince Albert (Saskatchewan), Indigenous Youth Ministry Transportation: $5,000
  • Territory of the People Kamloops, (Territory of the People), Pastoral Elders Spiritual Retreat: $5,000

Diverse Infrastructure

  • St. Luke’s Anglican Mission, Fort Vermillion (Athabasca), Rectory Roof: $5,900
  • St. James’ Anglican Church, Bulkley Valley Parish, Smithers (Caledonia), Church Hall Roof: $7,000
  • St. Martin’s Anglican Church, Calgary (Calgary), Live Stream and Worship Expansion Project: $5,000
  • Parish of Gander Bay, Victoria Cove (Central Newfoundland), Oil to Electric (with heat pumps): $5,000
  • Anglican Church Homes Inc., Sussex (Fredericton), Roof and Chimney Replacement: $15,000
  • Church of the Holy Saviour, Waterloo (Huron), Building Our Future: $15,000
  • St. Paul’s Church, Greenfield Park (Montreal), Going Green: $12,500
  • Parish of St. David, Delta (New Westminster), Replacement Roof Project: $15,000
  • St. John’s Anglican Church, Summerside (Nova Scotia & PEI), New Roof for St. John’s: $10,000
  • St. Alban’s Anglican Church, Ottawa (Ottawa), Masonry Project: $15,000

 Leadership & Education

  • Canadian Council of Churches, Toronto, Youth and Young Adult Ecumenical and Interfaith Leadership: $15,000
  • College of Emmanuel & St. Chad, Saskatoon (Saskatoon), ESC-WECAN Licentiate Implementation Project: $15,000

 Bursary Recipients

  • Celiz, Robin (New Westminster)
  • Derry, Paul Peters (Rupert’s Land)
  • Engnan, Luisito (New Westminster)
  • Ferris, Thomas (Algoma)
  • Gocan, Tianna Alexandria (Huron)
  • Green, Monica (Niagara)
  • Holgate, John (Ottawa)
  • Kukurudz, Cheryl (Brandon)
  • Lima, Lucas (Niagara)
  • MacDonald, Whitney (Arctic)
  • McBride, Karen (Ottawa)
  • Mills, Lynn (British Columbia)
  • Murray, Katherine (New Westminster)
  • Nagy, John Vaissi (Yukon)
  • Rempel, Daniel (Rupert’s Land)
  • Shih, Chiung-wei Carol (Toronto)
  • Wicks, Sarah (Montreal)

Community Ministries

  • St. George’s Anglican Church, Ste-Anne-de-Bellevue (Montreal), Enhancing Land Use for Sustainability: $7,000
  • Diocese of Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island, Halifax (Nova Scotia & PEI), Community Roots Day Camp: $15,000

Sacred Music & Liturgical Arts

  • Holly Ratcliffe, Saint-Roch-de-Richelieu (Montreal), Pentimenti: Ceramic Funeral Vessels: $5,000

The application deadline for the next AFC grant cycle is January 1, 2023. For more information on applying for an AFC grant visit,

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