Each diocese, ecclesiastical province, and General Synod may submit a total of three Category A or Category B applications for grants or loans per calendar year. A maximum of two applications per diocese will be considered at a single application deadline. 

Alternatively, each diocese is eligible to submit one Category C grant application per calendar year, which replaces the eligibility for Category A or B grants.

Theological colleges may submit one application for a Category A or Category B grant or loan per calendar year. 

Category A Grants
Up to $5,000
— grant may comprise 100% of the project budget

Category B Grants
Up to $15,000
— grant may not exceed 50% of the project budget

Category C Grants
Up to $50,000
— grant may comprise more than 50% of the project budget, at the Board’s discretion

Applications must be submitted using the current application form below.

Criteria for Awarding Grants & Loans
Grant and Loan Application Form

Detailed information regarding the application process is provided below.

  • Contact your diocese and/or the Anglican Foundation to confirm that your region’s annual application quotas have not already been reached. A maximum of two applications per diocese will be considered at a single application deadline. One application from each theological college may be submitted each year.
  • Present an outline of the project to the diocesan Property Committee (or other relevant committee) for its consideration. It is hoped that this committee will recommend your project to the diocesan council.
  • Obtain episcopal and diocesan endorsement for the project. Both the diocesan bishop and the diocesan council must endorse the application in writing.
  • Category B Grants: Secure at least 50% of the project’s funding. The applicant is expected to have a minimum of 50% of funding in place prior to submission of an application. Details of this funding must be reported in section 4.5 of the application.
  • Verify the application submission deadline. All applications must arrive at the Foundation office no later than the application deadline date set by the Board of Directors. Applications submitted after the deadline date will be reviewed during the subsequent application session.
  • Use the designated form. All applications must be submitted on the current official application form, which may be downloaded above as a form-fillable pdf. Alternatively, you may submit the application using the web portal below.
  • Ensure that you have answered all questions completely and that you have secured all of the necessary signatures requested on the final page of the application form.
  • Prepare a comprehensive project budget for section 4.5. All applications must include a one-page budget, including full details of diocesan, governmental, community, and ecumenical financial support for the project as well as a detailed list of expected expenditures.
  • Supply all the required supporting material listed in sections 3.3 and 3.4—3.6 (depending on the category).  Pictures, brochures, and other supporting material may be included to assist the Directors in assessing the merits of the application.
  • Include both required letters of support listed in section 5.1 of the application form. Any application without BOTH letters of support will be disqualified from consideration.
  • Email the application to [email protected]
  • “Will the Foundation confirm receipt of our application?”
    The Anglican Foundation will send an email confirming receipt of an application as soon as possible upon the application’s arrival in our office, usually after the application deadline.
  • “How long will we have to wait to find out if the application was approved?”
    You should receive word regarding your application’s status (approved, declined, or deferred) within two weeks following the meeting at which the Board of Directors considered your application. The Board will meet and make a decision within the same quarter as the application submission.
  • “Our application has been deferred. Now what do we do?”
    An application is deferred for one of two reasons:
    1. The Anglican Foundation may not have received the application before the deadline; in this case, the application will automatically be deferred until the next scheduled meeting of the Board of Directors, and you need do nothing.
    2. Further information may be required before the Board of Directors can make a decision. In this event, the Foundation office will contact you to request the required information.
  • “Can we resubmit our declined application for future consideration?”
    No. Once the Board of Directors has considered and declined an application, the application cannot be reactivated.
  • “Our grant application was approved. When can we expect to receive the funds?”
    You will receive an official letter and a Memorandum of Agreement for Grant Recipients within approximately two weeks following the meeting of the Board of Directors. In order for funds to be released, the recipient needs to complete the Memorandum, indicating the project dates, and return it to the Foundation. AFC will not release any funds greater than 90 days prior to the project start date.
  • “Our loan application was approved. Will we receive the funds right away?”
    If your loan application is approved, we will include a repayment schedule and the form Undertaking for Repayment of a Loan with the letter announcing the application’s success. Once we receive your completed copy of the form of undertaking, a void cheque, and a letter authorizing monthly debit withdrawals, we will disburse the funds. If a grant was also approved, it will be disbursed with the loan in a single cheque.
  • “How often do we need to make a loan repayment?”
    All new loans are repayable in equal monthly installments, plus interest (calculated at the current rate set by the Board of Directors). A Schedule of Repayment will be provided. All payments will be debited by automatic withdrawal on the 25th day of each month; the first installment will be withdrawn on the 25th day of the month following the disbursement of the funds.
  • “Can we make lump-sum payments against our loan?”
    Repayments are amortized over a period of up to 30 years to match the budget of the borrower. Lump-sum payments may be made at any time without notice or penalty.
  • “What are my responsibilities after receiving a grant from the Foundation?”
    1. All grant recipients must return the signed Memorandum of Understanding for Grant Recipients, indicating clear project timelines, along with demonstrated acknowledgement of the Foundation’s support through the use of its logo prior to funds being disbursed.
    2. Funds will be disbursed not more than 90 days before the project’s start date. Grant recipients must acknowledge receipt of funds within 10 days of receiving the cheque from the Foundation.
    3. All grant recipients must submit a formal report within 60 days of the project’s completion. The Grant Recipient Report may be submitted by email and should be accompanied by digital pictures.
    4. Grant recipients are encouraged to maintain their annual contribution to the Anglican Foundation in order that other organizations may benefit as they have.

Application deadlines each year are January 1, April 1, July 1 and October 1.

If you have any questions about the application process, please consult the detailed information above or contact the Foundation office by email at [email protected]