The Rev. Judith Alltree

Executive Director and Senior Chaplain
Mission to Seafarers Southern Ontario
Toronto, Ontario

When Judy Rois came to our Mississauga deanery meeting in January, 2012, she introduced us to Hope Bear. It caught my imagination and also made me realize that even though I am just one person, with limited resources, there is a way to make a difference in the larger scheme of things.

Over the past seven years I have presided at or attended over 30 baptisms, and each child has received their own Hope Bear with its baptismal shawl. The parents of these children have been deeply touched by the additional gift of assistance to the various programs that come with the purchase of a Hope Bear.

In addition to Hope Bears, I have also purchased a number of the wonderful Children’s Prayers books, and other imaginative products. I am an individual donor, another small way in which I can contribute, and participate in the overall work of the Anglican Foundation. I am proud to be able to do my part in the great work of the Anglican Foundation.