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Kerber Friendship Program

After 27 years as ecumenical Chaplain to the University of Lethbridge (UofL) and Lethbridge College, the Rev. Canon Erin Phillips has built a lot of bridges: between two campuses, between churches—Anglican, Lutheran, United, and Presbyterian—and between community volunteers and students.

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Grant Application Tips

They are three simple words—“Describe your project”—but they can be anxiety-inducing for anyone tasked with submitting a grant application. Dr. Scott Brubacher, the Anglican Foundation of Canada’s Executive Administrator, says he understands the tension well. “I have been on the applicant’s side of the process many times and have experienced the same nervousness myself. At AFC we love to say Yes! and work hard to help every eligible applicant be successful.”

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Great Canadian Road Trip Diary part 2

Our Great Canadian Road Trip is progressing very well! What a wonderful opportunity it is to be able to spend the summer visiting some of our 2020 grant recipients and learning more about their creative and compassionate initiatives.

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