COVID-19 has placed us all in a period of great concern and uncertainty. We want you to know that our Staff and Board of Directors are praying for all of you, our donors, applicants, recipients, and everyone across our country—that God’s presence will be with us all. 

The AFC office at 80 Hayden Street remains closed, and AFC staff will continue to work remotely until further notice. AFC Staff make every effort to enter the office once per week to collect mail, fill promotional orders, and process orders from the AFC Store. We will keep this note on our website updated as we have further information.  Email is the most efficient way to contact us: [email protected]

Our thanks to all of you who are discovering how best to contribute during this time in our shared commitment to our country and the church. We are truly inspired by Canadian Anglicans in every diocese.

Please consider donating online during our office closure, rather than sending a cheque. Click on Donate in our menu bar and scroll to the bottom of the page.


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The Common Table

I’ve been at FPM since 2016, and I can honestly say that we have not been able to keep up with God. We acted on faith with an inspired idea, and God has been opening up doors and opportunities, one after another. We are running to keep up with God. It has been beautiful. It is an incredible gift.

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From the Desk of Judy Rois

At this time of the pandemic, AFC is not trying to be heroic. We are trying our best to be as charitable as possible to Canadians who are close at hand and who need it the most. I hope that you will join us in this generous aspiration.

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Reflections From a Board Director

This past May, I retired from the Board of Directors of the Anglican Foundation. It has been quite a ride. My five years on the Board reviewing grant applications, listening to testimonials from grant recipients and visiting their projects, opened my eyes to the vitality and creativity of Anglican churches in communities large and small across Canada.

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The Ven. Robert Camara

The Ven. Robert Camara

AFC grants and loans have allowed parishes to take that bold step forward in their ministry plans with the financial support they need to begin and continue work and ministry.

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