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New Category C Grants

Rob Dickson, Chair of the Grants Policy Working Group, says the new and much larger Category C grants have the potential to be a game-changer for smaller dioceses. “The opportunity to submit a $50,000 grant request is well-suited to a diocese that may have the capacity to bring only one project per year, but a transformational project the entire diocese can rally around.”

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$369,900 to 49 Applicants

“The Board had originally authorized $100,000 for the RFP, thanks to a generous bequest AFC received earlier this year to support Indigenous Ministries. However, during the grant review process it became clear that we needed to release a greater amount from this bequest to support these worthy projects.”

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Changes to Grants Program

“This year, the Grants Policy Working Group undertook a major review of our granting policies in light of the Board’s desire to provide greater impact and to drive transformational ministry across the Canadian Church,” says Dr. Scott Brubacher, Executive Director. The resulting recommendations focus on three key areas.

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