COVID-19 has placed us all in a period of great concern and uncertainty. We want you to know that our Staff and Board of Directors are praying for all of you, our donors, applicants, recipients, and everyone across our country—that God’s presence will be with us all. 

The AFC office at 80 Hayden Street remains closed, and AFC staff will continue to work remotely until further notice. AFC Staff make every effort to enter the office once per week to collect mail, fill promotional orders, and process orders from the AFC Store. We will keep this note on our website updated as we have further information.  Email is the most efficient way to contact us: [email protected]

Our thanks to all of you who are discovering how best to contribute during this time in our shared commitment to our country and the church. We are truly inspired by Canadian Anglicans in every diocese.

Please consider donating online during our office closure, rather than sending a cheque. Click on Donate in our menu bar and scroll to the bottom of the page.


Latest News

Generous People are Everywhere

Anglican Foundation seeks children and youth for podcast on generosity. “Nurturing generous-hearted living may be one of the greatest things we can do for young people,” says Judy Rois, Executive Director, Anglican Foundation of Canada.

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Paying it Forward at Dairy Queen

In 2000, “Pay it Forward” was the title of a film where a young boy comes up with an idea that changes many lives. He decides that instead of returning a favour, he will pay it forward by doing good deeds for three other people.

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Christmas Greetings

Normally at this time of year, our neighbourhoods, shopping centres, restaurants, and churches don their holiday decorations and festive trimmings, and we, their delightful recipients, savour the anticipatory joy of the Christmas season. Alas, this year will be different.

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Dr. Glenn Lockwood

Dr. Glenn Lockwood

The Anglican Diocese of Ottawa Archives is a donor because, in our gratitude for what the Anglican Foundation has done for us, we trust that our support of the Foundation will be paid forward to the benefit of other worthy projects.

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Rob Hardwick

The Rt. Rev. Rob Hardwick

Above all, we thank the Anglican Foundation for their continued commitment to bring unity, healing, and reconciliation to all peoples and for the amazing work they do for our beloved Church.

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